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    Dear Friend
    Yes I think of you as a friend and bless the day I had the good fortune to meet you at time when
    the pressure of work was at its most intense , with meetings to attend deadlines to met ever
    increasing targets to achieve I was  almost at  breaking point . It was then you introduced me to
    your club for gentlemen at then in its infancy a place to relax and unwind mix with like minded people and meet intelligent extremely nice young girls intent on giving and receiving pleasure ,
    then return to work refreshed and with new vigour .
    Over the years I have come to regard you as true friend and confidant and sometimes in some of
    my more difficult periods a counsellor who helped disperse the dark clouds that threatened to overwhelm .
    Since then your dream has reached fruition and the gentlemen’s club envisaged has become reality
    a secluded luxury country retreat with indoor swimming pool , Jacuzzi ,games room . A place to relax unwind drop in for a drink and a chat and also meet with some delightful young ladies . The pace of my life having become a lot slower ,it has once again been my saviour when life was beginning to become dull and a little mundane , to relax enjoy the company of beautiful young intelligent ladies who appreciate maturity more than youth and enjoy shared pleasure. In short for a few precious hours it makes me feel young again brings colour to my life a  reason to carry on.
    I have put this in writing because as you know I have difficulty sometimes expressing  myself so this
    is my way of expressing my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you and your wonderful gentlemen’s club.
    Yours sincerely H
    P.S I forgot to ask when the next party is and what the theme will be be ,lots of fun and games no doubt !!!!