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    Le Jeu experience

    Like many men I find it difficult to completely switch off and relax. However an LJE party enables me to do just that. From when I walk in at 11 am I know that for 4 hours I am going to be completely looked after by 5 charming young ladies at an event very well organised. When I leave 4 hours later I am completely relaxed and ready to face the world once more

    At LJE you have the opportunity to spend quality time in the presence some very kind and caring young ladies; But it is more than just that. One is in a very well-appointed, clean and spotless establishment tastefully decorated and very secure. This in turn helps with relaxation.

    When you arrive at LJE you are greeted by your host and who show you into a very nice lounge area where he chats to you in a relaxing way before introducing you to the ladies. If you are a little apprehensive on arrival you are soon put at ease and ready for a tasteful experience