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Time for the ride

Time for the ride

I was out of this world, it felt like my polo stick was solid and ready to hit a few balls.

After a long tease with me trying to keep my polo stick from slipping out I was then led up the stairs by my two opponents. While walking I didn’t even feel the ground, It was like I was floating.

The girls undress me while still teasing and stroking each other.  I was wishing that things were moving a lot quicker like I am used to with other escort girls.  But this was different.

The slower they were the more intense my body was, I felt so relaxed just with the  teasing  by the time I got into the bath, joined by my two opponents.


In the bath while they were soaping my naked body I just lay there like a king!

The gentleman who had everything  was approaching the final stages of getting his trophy!


My opponent said to me: ‘The hunt is still going on and you need to be patient’ as they soaped me and slid all over my naked body. I was looking for my polo stick - it was reaching  breaking point! They had such a clever way of making my polo stick behave itself,  explaining to me that at Le Jeu the game is not about coming straight to the boil, but to play the game so that your whole body and mind can be sensually stimulated and repudiated.......


After the bath they give me a special massage, OMG I hope I can still hold my stick!!

This massage makes me feel even more out of this world. I do not know if anyone ever had such massage. I just cannot hold my stick any more, feeling that I have just won a trophy....... 

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