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Let The Tease and the Game begin

Let The Tease and the Game begin

I guess I was new to this as I try to stand up and take the ladies upstairs. They said to me: ‘Sorry but we are not your ladies but your opponents and you have to be patient and wait.....’ - I was speechless as in London I have been for so many massages, to so many VIP clubs, adult parties and some very exclusive clubs, but never anything like this. My two ‘opponents’ sit in front of me, both at different tables. I didn’t know where to look. I noticed that one of their dresses was getting higher and higher. I just watch in amazement to see how high it will get. My mind begins to wonder, she looks me straight in the eye, so serious that I have to look away. I look at my other opponent, she has her hands undressing the front of her dress, revealing just part of her cleavage. My mind by this time is rushing all over the place.

I am trying very hard to keep my mind off what is going on but that is impossible.

I feel I will not stay the course, as my putter is ready to hit an eagle.... I just have to think about anything but not what is happening in front of me now.  I now understand why at Le Jeu this is the hunt where you need to chase your prey and not go straight for the trophy....... 

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