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Hard Day at the office

Hard Day at the office

Hard Day at the office

I was thinking about what happened at the weekend.

I went  to New York, had a wonderful time, but it was all work and no pleasure.

It was nice to return to London, even though it is so crowded.

My first stop is always my office in Mayfair.

As I walk into the office, sit down and light my first cigarette I think about maybe having a high-class escort call around for an hour or so. But then I think maybe a high-class escort might not do the trick for me, as I need some relaxation as well. I then remember that someone on the plane has given me a card and initially I had thought it was somewhere in France as it says Le Jeu Escorts?

I’ll  take another  look and see what it is all about.

This looks interesting: it’s all about ‘the game’ and right now I could do with a good game. London may be a good hunting ground, but most of the escorts in London do the same thing over and over again.

Next time I think I might just visit Le Jeu Escorts......


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