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Exclusive Sensual Massage Party

Exclusive Sensual Massage Party

Exclusive Sensual massage PARTY . . .
 In September 2017

Nothing could be more intimate than a sensuous massage  that only has skin-on –skin contact  but body to body contact  as every part of you is used to explore  and massage your partner.  AS these are  the sensations  which can get your heart racing and the blood pumping to those most sensitive  and enjoyable of areas , they create  the perfect conditions for maximum pleasure and enjoyment.  Every touch brings sensitivity and arousement, providing a slippery and highly enjoyable result  an extremely satisfying and prolonged climax.

Escape the pressures of life and let us give you a party to remember. A special full body to body massage is definitely an ancient Japanese art type of erotic slide massage. We will tease you and awaken your sexual appetite leaving you with a sensation of overwhelming pleasure and relaxation.

We wish to invite 5 men to join five ladies for a four-hour exclusive party
this September . We appreciate that not everyone can get away
at the same time, so we are putting on two parties each day for a week. We
invite you to come along for an afternoon or evening session. 

During your stay you will be able to enjoy yourself in the privacy of your
own bedroom. Each lady will tell you what she specialises in and what she
doesn’t. There is plenty of time for fun and relaxation

We hope to invite gentlemen who are well mannered and are in tune with the
atmosphere we are hoping to create. A fee of £400 is required for 4 hours of
partying, which includes; a well prepared buffet , all
drinks, and your pleasure with the ladies. A Deposit of £ 100 is required 

We understand that not everyone can book early because of their work/social
commitments but we would really appreciate if you can book your place well
in advance.

Thank you
Best Regards
Lejeuescorts team
High Class Escorts & Private Membership Club
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